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(Saints Of The Apocalypse Motorcycle Club)

SOTA Society


As an independent MC and fraternal organization, we expect and promote brotherhood, loyalty, commitment and respect not only from those with whom we live and ride with, but from ourselves as men and members of the Saints of the Apocalypse MC. We give respect when respect is given!  We are traditional as a club in the sense that, we ride our beloved American made, classic cruiser style and custom home built ol' skool style bobber/chopper motorcycles and look for the next good times of hanging with Our Brothers, fellow MC's, as well as our family and friends!

We are a family and a club with a serious motorcycle addiction.  SOTA MC is dedicated to the Brotherhood of our members and the solidarity of our families since the establishment of the Saints of the Apocalypse MC.  We have had many inquiries about our club with regards to membership and foundation.  We feel there is a need to clarify ourselves without a history lesson.  EST: 1901 is not the establishment year of the Saints of the Apocalypse MC the acronym EST:  is the Latin phrase, Edico Sanctus Talionis "To announce Holy Retribution!", i.e. the Apocalypse, and 1901 corresponds to the letter S being the 19th letter in the alphabet and A being the 1st or 01.



We are allowing the establishment of chapters, but we don't recruit and we don't just hand out patches, they are earned through a bond of Respect and Brotherhood.  If you are interested in becoming a SAINT then CONTACT US.  Our founding fathers are known as "Original Saints or Founding Saints" and our chapter charter members are known as "Archangels," our members are initially considered "GUARDIANS" and then "SAINTS". We do not claim territory nor do we participate in, aide, nor condone any form of criminal activity.  (There are no good times and ridin' the scoot when sitting in jail!.  There is no honor among thieves and thugs!)

We dont just hand our colors out like ordering from a mail order catalog.  Our membership process can be long and difficult for new members, but that depends on the prospective member, plus we have to like you!  SOTA MC is a family and a brotherhood of like-minded individuals whom are dedicated to each other and enjoy the company of fellow members.  We judge each prospective member on their own merit and loyalty to the club and their family, because membership with the Saints is not based on race, creed, ethnicity or religion. Our brothers, be it true Irish blood or not, have no skin color but Kelly Green when they wear our fraternal club patch upon their back!

We Ride Hard and Live Life in the Fast Lane!

At the worst of times...
we remain SAINTS above all others! 

Rath De’ Ort

Rath De’ Ort (pronounced: rah jay urt) means
“May the Grace of God be with you!”
It is not as often heard as other Gaelic expressions but it is a respectable sentiment nonetheless.

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