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SOTA Society


We have ridden with various other motorcycle clubs and have been associated with different organizations.  We have served our country proudly in many capacities; be it public safety or military.  With this in mind we came together and formed this motorcycle club known to all as the Saints of the Apocalypse. 

To represent our club, we have chosen the two piece back patch because it was the style and design we liked as an organization, we do not believe the 2- piece or even 3-piece patch is a designation for what the government considers an outlaw gang.  We believe a club no matter their direction can wear whatever they want to represent their organization!  We use the color Kelly Green to represent proud Irish American heritage, because of their strength and resolve, as well as for the Irish influence within the Public Safety, Firefighter, Military communities and to also honor our Clubs Co-Founder "Dublin Matty" R.I.P.   

Our club name "Saints of the Apocalypse" is derived from the word "Saint" a person of character, held up by the community as an example of virtue and justice, which is consistent with both public safety and military.  The "Apocalypse" represents our current times and harsh realities of crime and war.  As members of both the public safety and military communities, we are Saints during times of Apocalypse.

Our Grim Reaper holding the "S" shaped double scythe representing "Saints" and an "A" engraved upon the skull representing "Apocalypse" is known to us as SAM, he is Los Angeles de La Muerte: Archangel Azrael and is a hand of God during times of war, chaos and anarchy.  Our members have either unfortunately aided the reaper or have seen the reaper harvesting the souls of both the innocent and the wicked during their service in either Public Safety, Fire Rescue, EMS or Military.

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